Space weather is the concept of changing environmental conditions in near-Earth space. It is distinct from the concept of weather within a planetary atmosphere, and deals with phenomena involving ambient plasma, magnetic fields, radiation and other matter in space.

Our Space Weather Monitoring Center (SWMC) is the first space weather center not only in Egypt but also in Africa and the second center in Middle East. The center was established in 2008. Its vision of establishment is to support the Egyptian space program, to help in the space forecasting, and to help in the space weather prediction in Egypt. The center contains about 17 researchers and professors. The main activities of the center are cosmic rays and high energetic particles, ionospheric physics, solar physics and geomagnetism.There are much cooperation happened during last year represented as projects:-Monitoring of Ionospheric Weather over Cyprus and Egypt.-Coherent Ionospheric Doppler Receiver (CIDR) Network in Egypt.-MAGDAS Network in Egypt .